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Debbie Groom

I’ve put off posting my bio as I hate having my photo taken so I thought I’d use this one as it’s got the gorgeous Elijah on it! As Millie mentioned in her bio, it was her work experience in 2018 with @chesterfoe & @surfersagainstsewage that became the turning point for us. When we were on holiday in Cornwall after shopping in a similar shop to Just Footprints, we decided that on our return to Chester we would try and have a week of shopping completely plastic free. This proved to be practically impossible. We kept saying that Chester needed a shop where we could buy the basic foods without the unnecessary single use plastic. I felt so upset about what the future held for my children and grandchildren that I needed to do more. Somewhere along the line, I’m not sure when or how, the thoughts turned into ‘I’ll leave my job as a teaching assistant and open a shop’ and we haven’t looked back since. It’s been tough sometimes but we have some amazing customers and the conversations we have with people from all backgrounds and generations have restored my faith in humanity. There are so many people out there who want to make a difference and it’s great to be able to help them do that. The beach and the ocean have always been where I go to blow the cobwebs away, take time to just breathe, and I want to help make sure that’s the case for future generations too. I want to say a big thank you to everyone that’s helped get us to where we are today, and a special thank you to all of our customers for helping make a difference to our environment by making changes, however big or small they may be. Hopefully see you in the shop soon 😊 Debbie

Millie Groom

I’m the next one to introduce myself. I’m Millie, the original member of the team (because my mum is the owner) :) I love the environment and my life goal is to change it for the better which is why last year after doing work experience in Cornwall with @surfersagainstsewage and also with Chester and District friends of the earth, I begged my mum to join me getting rid of plastic in our house. When we found it almost impossible we saw an opportunity and before we knew it; Just Footprints opened! I love working here as I enjoy relating to like minded people that all care for the environment and I get to see their passion every day. I love to surf, do yoga and run with my husky dog Flynn. Hope this was a good introduction... :)

Image of Millie Groom
Image of Mia


Hi I’m Mia! Saying I love travelling is a huge understatement. Through hard work I’ve been able to see the world in all it’s wonders! After coming home from 6 weeks in Asia last summer, I knew I needed to be a part of something important and what I believed in. I’m also a Scuba diver and have been for 10 years now! I’ve seen the destruction plastic and climate change has had on these fragile ecosystems, especially the Great Barrier Reef. The biggest living organism on this planet is dying. It’s fate is in our hands. Your small efforts come together to make a huge impact. From avoiding single use plastic, to donating your small change to the “surfers against sewage” charity, it all adds up! Just Footprints has been eye opening for me. I’m learning every day and seeing how I can be more sustainable for my future. Make David Attenborough proud! Thank you x

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