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Image of Debbie Groom

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"I have been very happy joining the incredible team at Just Footprints, and meeting the like-minded people who shop with us at Chester and Frodsham. My eco-journey began I few years ago, when I made the decision to change my lifestyle in an effort to benefit the planet. Going vegan was the single biggest impact I could have on the environment as an individual, and I have never looked back! I am always looking for ways to make the best possible choices in terms of what products I buy, and who I buy from. I previously worked as a chef and I run a small recipe page over on instagram, where I try to inspire others to make plant based meals a part of their weekly routine, and I hope to do the same here at Just Footprints. So if you ever spot me in store and need any tips and tricks for how best to use one of our food products, don't hesitate to ask! In my spare time I can be found with my head in a book, experimenting in the kitchen or snuggling on the sofa with my rescue Greyhound Lyra."

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"Hi, I'm Julia and at the risk of sounding trite: I absolutely love working at Just Footprints. Having the opportunity to offer people the chance to reduce their plastic usage in a sustainable and convenient way, and work with like minded people is fantastic. If we can all make small changes then big changes will follow. I love being outside with my dog, reading, spending time with my friends and I am trying to improve my cooking ability."



"Hi there! I'm Ollie and although I have always possessed an interest in the natural world around us, I would say my journey started in around 2015 when I was reading more into the impact of transport and energy usage on earth. Soon after, a rather large can of worms was opened and I have not looked back since. It is so easy to turn a blind eye to such problems but, equally, when you know the issues are there it is near impossible to look the other way. I genuinely believe that collectively, small changes can make a big impact. Such is my passion on the topic of sustainability, in 2020 I embarked on the Prince's Trust Enterprise Scheme and have since established a business of my own to try and bring new sustainable Housing to the Cheshire West and Wirral area. In the rest of my time you may be able to find me singing at Chester Cathedral or walking any of my three dogs. I hope to see you in the shop soon!"